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An annual gathering of Scoops in Las Vegas to celebrate the community of Scoops.

Landlocked Scoop Cruise 2015[]

Held at Tierney's Tavern in Montclair, New Jersey.

Scoopfest 2016[]

Scoopfest 2017 - The Scoopening[]

Scoopfest 2017 was September 22nd-24th at The Space

Scoopfest 2018 - Scooptacular![]

Scoopfest 2018 occurred October 13th-15th at Show Creator Studios

Scheduled Podcasts:

Scoopfest 2020/2021 - Scoopacolypse[]

Scoopfest 2020 was scheduled for November 5th-7th at the Orleans Casino but was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic

The discount code was ASC0C11.

Scoopfest 2022 - Scooptopia[]

Scoopfest 2022 occurred April 28th-30th at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. The focus changed from live podcast recordings to a less formal program with more breaks to allow Scoops to socialize.

The discount code is SCFD22C or "Superman, Catwoman, Flash, Darksied 22 Catworman again"

Damon won the Mouth, Finger, Butthole tournament.