Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Wikia

Artwork by Ace Miunds

The Jock vs Nerd segment has Paul asking Matt a question about geek culture and Matt asking Paul a sports question. There is alleged scoring involved with frequent "bonus points" being added for providing additional information beyond the initial answer. The questions often pertain to major recent news stories and the Jock vs Nerd question can be used as a jumping board for a lengthy discussion.

As the podcast progressed Matt and Mattingly began receiving pre-recorded questions from other podcasts like,,; and who would record their questions on their podcasts and then replay Matt's and Paul's answers from Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social. It is now common for Scoops to write in with Jock vs Nerd questions.

The Jock vs Nerd Theme[]

There are multiple versions of the Jock vs Nerd theme ranging in length and styles. It is customary for them to end with an explosion sound effect to allow Matt and Mattingly to say the word "explosion" at the end.


Jock vs Nerd was one of the original themes of the podcast with Matt and Paul planning to pit their different perspective's against each other.