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Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Wikia

Artwork by Ace Munds

A disgruntled bear working at Starbucks when he should be hibernating. The Grizzly Bearista character now has a twitter account and appears frequently in scoop art and costume photos.



On Episode 18 Matt was discussing working at Starbucks to keep himself busy but there was the added perk of working with attractive baristas. Paul joked that he was hoping to see the "Bare-istas" which led to a skit and song after Matt interpreted it as "Bear-istas" [ICS18].

The Song[]

Music by Tony Longworth.

Sung by Paul Mattingly.


It's 6am I wake up in my cave,

It's time to get to the Starbucks and be a wage slave.

Make the coffee for the people who wait,

Gotta get it to them early I can't be late.

But I'm a grizzly bearista and I'm so tired,

I haven't hibernated and I wish I'd retired.

I gotta stay here for an extra hour,

Please excuse my mood is rather dour.


I'm a grizzly bearista.