Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Wikia

Paul Mattingly was a regular member of the Geek Shock podcast and The Ugly Couch Show video show. Many of the other hosts of the show are fellow former Star Trek The Experience members who still live in Las Vegas. Matt Donnelly has appeared as a guest on the shows. It was announced on March 1st, 2017, episode 377 of the Geek Shock podcast that Paul would no longer be part of the show due to other commitments.

Current Members[]

  • Master Torgo
  • 80's Jeff
  • Fact-Check Andy
  • Kommander K
  • Maple Leaf Matt

Recurring Segments on Geek Shock[]

  • Week in Geek - a weekly review of video game, animation, comic book, and movie news.
  • News You Don't Give a Shit About - geek culture news that will probably disappoint the hosts such as unneeded and poorly done Fantastic Four reboots.
  • Ask Mumm-Ra - The villain from the Thundercats cartoon visits to answer fan mail and offer advice.
  • Red Light/Green Light - The hosts reviews upcoming projects putting themselves in the shoes of studio heads to decide if they would approve or cancel the productions.

Recurring Segments on the Ugly Couch Show[]

  • What's Going in My Mouth - The hosts taste a disgusting flavored food or beverage.
  • Reviews - Each member of the show recommends a book or movie and does a review. The focus of the show is on positive reviews of items each member truly enjoyed.

Former Members[]

  • Doctor Vlarg
  • Just Michael
  • Captain Luddite
  • Bonzo the Beast
  • The Famous Paul