Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Wikia

Once joining Kast Media, the podcast began getting ads. The hosts decided to use that opportunity to create fake commercials. Each of these business have a special discount when entering "heyscoops" at checkout.

Episode 593: Table Side Churn Down Service

  • Tesla XD - The Biggest Swinging Cock in the Silent Town
  • Aggro Amish Buffet

Episode 594: Horse Omelette

  • From the Squirrels Mouth: a Sedated Squirrel Shooting Store.

Episode 595: No One Can Leave- There Has Been a Myrtle!

  • Shit for Gold that will collect your shit

Episode 596: Very Small Lobsters

  • Bastard Bags, a fund for orphans that need bags.
  • Charity Vagina

Episode 597: Late Night Super Satan Episode

  • Primanti Brothers

Episode 598: Bread Bug Lid

  • Craigslist Titmilk
  • Fortday

Episode 599: My Butt Is Like A Dog's Mouth

  • Face Sore Store
  • Winter Stock at the New Jersey Shakespeare Theater

Episode 600: Uber Uni-Tine!

  • Do you hate forks?
  • Knives are the superior utensil. They are the Uber Uni-Tine.

Episode 601: Dice Man Cometh

  • Bigfoot Bath Water
  • Bigfoot Basin finding

Episode 602: Rich Men Knit

  • Men Who Knit
  • Tom Steyer Hulu ads
  • Tom Steyer promising to kill hobos

Episode 603: Deep Fried Owl On A Stick

  • Infericus Copernicus
  • Hit Fist

Episode 604: Who Shotspeare'd Princes Wendy?

  • Shit Your Pants Liquor

Episode 606: Bonnie's Ball Hospice

  • Dan's Discount Ball and eye surgery
  • Getting a bologna sandwich from someone

Episode 607: Combiner Lion

  • Say Jacuzzi after someone sneezes
  • A service to turn a head into a tube

Episode 608: Pop Tart with Cheese

  • Knox Gelatin and it's horse mascot
  • Knox Gelatin as a Butt Salve

Episode 609: Gay Guilt Chicken Sandwich

  • Sand making concrete slippery
  • New series Dead Tractor

Episode 610: Chinese Egg Delicacy

  • Lime-fucked chips and buttload of lime salsa
  • Shoe Shit

Episode 611: Field Tripping and Fool Us

  • Fartolio
  • Comic Book Master Class

Episode 612: Paul's Way Or The Highway

  • Tom's Orange Cone-shaped Dick
  • a Soundboard Generator that sounds like a person.

Episode 613: Thalidomide Knives

  • Terry's Otter Pops
  • two types of ice keeping things cold

Episode 614: When You Saw Station Agent

  • Toothy Dildos
  • a company that calls Serial Killers something else

Episode 615: A Dungeon Master's First Kiss

  • Macho Waffles
  • The First Kiss Bank

Episode 616: Buckshot Pie

  • Walk Through Dry Clean. This was done using British accents
  • Larry Whitesnake's flute and trombone album.

Episode 617: Speak Truth to Hips

  • Dinner Sponge for sensitive, flaccid teeth.
  • Odor Bomb grenades

Episode 619: Blanc De Bing Crosby

  • Person that sells sea fish by the sea shore.
  • Carolyn PIttman who is not running for mayor.

Episode 620: Red Hot Poker Scandal

  • Eddie's (or Tim's) Hammer's and getting Hammered

Episode 621: Entre-manures

  • Terry and Terry's Shitty Cages

Episode 622: Napolean Fall Apart Brisket

  • Cheyanne LeBleu who made a toothbrush just for masturbating. His partner is a registered false dentister.

623: What Rhymes With Ticklish

  • Grizzly Jefferson's hot meats
  • A metaphor for climbing a mountain

624: Bigfoot's big foot

  • Joe Smella's earhole helpers that take backwards speech and turns it around
  • feet racing at Sam Boyd Stadium

625: Suburban Bourbon Turban

  • Gatorade-flavored Sports Yogurt squirters
  • Big Old Stick Lipstick

626: Return of the Spooktacular!

  • Johnny English's Halloween Sex Offender and Celebrity Bike ride. Random tandem underhand-em
  • Jim's Bat Mom Twice Cooked Jam Jellies and Jar Jellies

627: Chicken's Chicken

  • Jeffrey the Dog Trainer's Dog Training
  • Jimminey Jiblets Dog Gravy

628: Oh Miss Behave!

  • Terry the Bear as a fake rug
  • The Angry Bread company

629: Hanker Wagon

  • Sticky Dick McGillicutty's mailed brisket biscuit box
  • Daniel's Impasta Emporium of Wine-infused noodles

630: Sh*t Oh!

  • Jaqueline Frost's air conditioning unit's two window model
  • Windsheild Wiper Gary

633: Awesomely Pranker Podcasting

  • Thirsty fish that brings water to your house.

634: Piss De Leon


635: Blood of the Ancients

  • Beet Off Mayonnaise
  • Alex Rodriguez's cut of Hustlers that is taken over by a Beet Mayonnaise provided

636: Ether Ragtime Jam

  • to destroy zoos
  • Ether rag's Ether rags for sleeping through your period

637: $2000 Bed Rental

  • a contract killer Doctor
  • Terry's AIDSCON in Reno

638: No Z In Thomassian

  • Danny and Carol's mouth fans

639: To Tattoo Or Not To Tattoo

  • Cancer Dan's Toothbrush company and Sagitarius Ken's Nose Hair trimmer
  • Long John Silver's vinegar paper hair

640: Usain Bolt's Top 5 Piano Requests

  • the ghost of Robin Leach's live show bootlegs
  • Paul's new voice's birth poop

641: 7 Inches and Sleepy

  • Pirate's Blue comforter
  • Fashion Tommy's single sequen dress

642: New Nashville Tires

  • Penny Stock Pete's stock tips
  • Ladel Town, where prisoners make ladels

643: An Angular Toothy Blowhole

  • Best is Aespestos in the Westes in a pie tin

644: Methboygan

  • Part-time posts where you can temporarily rent a lamppost
  • Your Fuckin' Mom's Fuckin' Corn shack

645: Hanky Williams Jr.

  • Racist Hanky Whiskey
  • Fire-retardant mouth gauze, which is a creature

646: Pebble Trampoline

  • Uncle Ducky's Peckin' Farm, hands-free eating
  • that soudns like he's barfing

647: Group Foot Juggling with Fresh Shaved Parm

  • Jack's Irradiation Imporium
  • SvenJuggle the Icelandic Juggling school. Interrupted by Speedy's Juggling school.

648: The Old Office Pocket Puss

  • Bikini Carl
  • Rosario Dawson's Creek

649: Soft Black Bag of Doom

  • Pirate spokesperson that can't get the lines right
  • STD Prevention by the same forgetful pirate.

650: Bears Have Terrible Timing

  • Antonio's spaghetti that is too large/ World's best Baby Jars

651: New Voices of Porn

  • Purr-niture store
  • Fistful of sausage festival.

652: Neggo My Eggo

  • Jeremy the chicken that makes everything into a Chicken Metaphor

653: "I'm Not A Bike Shop Guy"

  • O'Diddles Child Toucher whiskeys
  • Gullible Jim's pee pants

654: When Hips Don't Lie

  • IHOP and their hiring of amputees featuring a one-legged Flapjack mascot

655: 90's Nostaglia Accordian Rollercoaster

  • Brass-hating Dan
  • Bate Shaq music venue and dick sucking emporium

656: The Masked Virginian

  • Emergin' Coercion Splurgin' Christian Stergeon Surgeon.
  • Jellied Cod for fucking

657: Kambute

  • Teeny Tiny Teal Team 6
  • Orchard Time farms where you can pick your own apples.

658: Energy E-fish-ent

  • Babysitting Aliens
  • Dr. Bikini Granny

659: A Bag of Dead Weasels

  • A bag of dead weasels dipped in battery acid for President 2024. BODWDIBA2024 with his running mate Fleshless Blue Jay kicked out of the nest.

660: Mickey's Double Dip

  • Tom Steyer and his daughter.
  • Ku Klux Clue the KKK game show and home board game.

661: Feng Shui But For Bodies

  • Tom Steyer that is no longer running for President and puttin gon the Steyer festival.
  • a soup-filled violin private concert.

662: Back Up Djibouti

  • Bubba's giant babies Bubbaventurs
  • Cunt Tree combination of palm tree and vagina.

663: Judge Judy's Neck Doily

  • Small Necks ties for small necks and Small Nuptuals.
  • Sun swaddles for the modern baby

664: Slices of Chili

  • Guiseppi Panetti Italian BBQ
  • Tom Used Car Lot but the director starts having a baby in the middle of it

665: "She Hit Me With A Hanger"

  • Penis Drippings
  • Monkey Fist Panties to avoid camel toe

666: Sloth Slut

  • dirty math for adults and kids
  • How Many FIngers by Alfonzo Pickeltaint

667: Drive Thru Lap Dance

  • towels not during grape season
  • soda salad

668: Paul's Take On Emma

  • Biblicious gum
  • Lenscrafters

669: Toe Pube Berry

  • Vlad's local babysitting
  • Jerry's Hey Hole

670: Salad From My Victory Garden

  • Birthday Bombs, an actual bomb for your birthday

671: The Final Recap. Happy 6th Anniverary!

  • Frozen Strawberry Ass

672: Church of L.J.S.

  • Beset sink stain remover. Shiny, Drainy, Leave it out in the Rainy.

673: Snore Screaming

  • Two-Toed Carl's Human Toe-fed Beef Delivery
  • Another bed sore on the knee this time.