An acronym for "Fuck you in the face." An affectionate valediction used by scoops at the end of Scoop Mail and social media posts, multiple variations are used usually customized to the theme of the message sent.


Episode 54: Everyone Getst the Best Parking Space Forever. During Matt's apology for not stopping Paul Shortino's long commentary on The Secret during the previous episode, Matt commented that he did read The Secret and it helped him show more gratitude especially by saying "thank you" in emails. Paul Mattingly responded by saying most people learn how to say thank you when first learning to write letters and offered up a fictitious letter from Matt before he learned The Secret:

"And thanks so much for taking the time to write to me. Fuck you in the face, Matt Donnelly"


"Fuck you all in your fucked up fucking faces." - Dusty via Scoop Mail in Episode 77

"Figgety figgety fuck you in the face after bumping dicks in a treehouse" - Lord Tristan Episode 69

"Fucking your face under the blue corn moon" - Yet Another Sara Episode 138

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