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Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Wikia

Original Air date: October 7th, 2019

Caption: Blanc de Blanc's Spencer Novich. Also the post piff show bucket show on 10.13 will take place at MacMullen's at 8pm. Frozen 49th physical scoop mail. Jock Vs Nerd trivia.

Running time: 1:39 (99 minutes)

Recording location: The Churn version 7


Paul starts in with chewy candy. They mix some swedish fish with Australian Whiskey.

Matt indicates that he tried the Rye of the Tiger Whiskey.

Spencer Novich talks about how his uncle changed his name to put a "k" on the end of it. He talks about the show Blanc de Blanc and the former vulva insertion that they no longer had in the show.

Paul uses his "deaf" accent and they talk about the associated negative reviews.

Paul interrupts with a description of an original rhythm game where the maracca could have been played vaginally. Spencer joins him in talking about Dreamcast. Jacob is desparate to get back to talking about this insertion act.

A Fake Commercial that sells sea fish by the sea shore.

Spencer talks about where he's living in Vegas and some of the issues with his neighbors.

A Fake Commercial for Carolyn PIttman who is not running for mayor.

Spencer continues to describe his above neighbor that end up putting pet supplies on their porch.

The Hosts announce the location of the Bucket Show after Piffstock.


  • Frozen 49th scoop brings some physical scoopmail of coffee, tea, a shot glass, and a sticker.
  • Windwalker Scoop 23 tells stories about working in a jewelry store
  • Wayne sends in a Wait, he did what?? story about a school sub that ended up murdering someone.

Jock vs. Nerd[]

The Hunt for balls theme is played. Aaron sends in a Scoopardy with topics of World Geography, World Politics, Wilford Brimley.

Characters and Bits[]

  • Band Name: Imposing Areola
  • Betty Grumble - a performace artist that left Fred and put things in her vagina. The device responds with "It's a living."
  • Betty Grumble - a Southern Cobbler
  • Flintstones theme except about putting things in Butts and Vaginas.
  • Paul as a Vegas tour guide
  • A Vegas Show with a Make-A-Wish kid that survives so the show has to keep on going.
  • Almost a Gallon from the Hedgehog express - a bucket for ejaculation.
  • Abusive Bing Crosby shows up with a pillowcase full of seasonal fruit
  • An older Bing Crosby shows up
  • The Anthem of the European Union is Get Low

Before this episode was documented, Matt tweeted out an "oops" about the Episode Number. It had been originally posted as a duplicate Episode 618.

Episode Art by twitter user @slakingfool