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Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Wikia

Original Air date: May 23rd, 2019

Caption: We actually lost half this episode due to a power surge to the building that the churn is within. So you’ll hear a moment where we have to go back and re read some Scoopmail and question our running bits. We hope it all checks out.

Running time: 1:33 (93 minutes)

Recording location: The Churn version 7


Paul brings up the John Wick series. Matt has seen the first half of the second entry which is apparently the worst. The hosts talk about the cartoonish nature of the movie. Jacob relates this to his recent rewatch of the Matrix series.

Matt brings in the new Bruce Springsteen songs. Paul calls it Johnny Cash covering Jimmy Buffet. They contrast that with Paul McCartney's recent performance.

Paul reports from the Snow Patrol concert.

Matt reads an article about a former jockey that set a house on fire and escaped in a General Lee replica.This leads to a joke about a jockey and a few horse racing puns.

This leads Matt to ask for some Wait, he did what?? scoopmail topics where you are surprised by the actions of a person that you used to know.

Wee Ed Sheerhan[sic] comments on his memories of watching the Dukes of Hazard.

They insert an interview with Butch Roy of the Minneapolis Improv that has a white supremacist landlord. They are now looking into owning their own theater.


  • Cargo Van Killer sends in a Physical Scoop Mail of a new large inflatable for Matt's pool.

The scoopmail was immediately cut off because of a power issue.

  • Blue Line Scoop sends in some stories about homeless people having sex from his work.
  • Magic Shell Scoop sends in a message about joking around with a scam robocall.
  • M. L. Kennedy sends in a message about his sore shoulder and his condition most commonly found in middle-age women.

Jock vs. Nerd[]

Sleepy Scoop sent in a Scoopardy that was played during the power outage. Topics of "Sleep," "Urban Dictionary," and "Potpurri."

Characters and Bits[]

  • Ed Sheerhan[sic] that sings about loving a lady and is 2'4" switching back and forth from Irish and English
  • Your own Visible Herpes
  • Ed Sheerhan[sic] gets graphically sexual.