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Eat the Couch
Episode 141
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Air date July 14, 2015
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Episode 140: Baños Banditos! (Plus: CALLING ALL SCOOPS) Episode 142: Best Year Ever-1992


Happy Bastille Day, Scoops! There is nothing about Bastille Day in this episode but we do talk about Matt's kid making his first jokes and talk about the poor defending of the asinine question of “are women funny?” And how it applies to Ghostbusters. We update people on the At Midnight campaign. Plus scoop mail and jock vs nerd.

Other Topics[]

  • Recording at the Churn in the daytime
  • Baby bouncers and Matt being a proud daddy of a future prop comic
  • A serious conversation about the standards women are held to in comedy
  • A discussion of remakes, covers, Ghostbusters, and enjoying movies for movies
  • The twitter campaign for @midnight is still going strong. Keep it up!
  • Jacob invites Mormon missionaries in for a beer
  • Inviting someone over to masturbate while you take a shower
  • Free wiener
  • Naked cleaning services

Scoop Mail[]

  • G in Henderson notes that the Scoop Cruise will make the show international, and asks what charities Matt and Paul would help (Child's Play)
  • Scoopasaurus Rex sends an update from the men's underwear department, and takes a job as a tax preparer where she has to deal with an uncomfortable IRS mistake
  • Scoopacabra has an encounter with a traveling salesman for Jesus
  • Bob and Silent Jay stares at people who notice him laughing
  • Lady McScoop was suspicious of a guy who wanted to take it slow, who reveals he has a prosthetic testicle

Jock vs. Nerd[]

Do Scoop, Don't Tell sends in his story about Don't Ask, Don't Tell, asks Paul to name one Canadian football team, and asks Matt to identify the bushy-tailed heroine who defeated Dr. Doom.


  • "Let me go snap one out." - Matt
  • "How many real testicles do you have?" - Jacob
  • "You're gonna dust my zone." - Paul



  • Comedy promotor by Paul
  • Movie pitch guy trying to sell Spider-man by Paul
  • Shocked man trying not to be a pervert by Matt and Paul
  • Target food pervert by Matt and Paul
  • Man with prosthetic testicle by Matt and Paul
  • Phantom of the Ball Sack by Matt and Paul
  • Girl showering by Matt and Paul
  • Fleeing chain of command by Matt and Paul
  • Klingon housekeeper by Paul

Food Mentions[]

  • Couch
  • Burritos
  • Frozen peas
  • Stir Fry
  • Milk
  • Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich
  • Deez Nuts spices