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Singer, Kristen Hertzenberg of Phantom, MDQ, and more: Interview
Episode 25
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Air date June 5, 2014
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Episode 024: Jupiter's In the Money House Episode 026: Kasey Wilson, Burlesque Comedian/Host of Vegas Nocturne: Interview (also titled Kasey Wilson, host of Vegas Nocturne at Rose Rabbit Lie: Interview

This episode was recorded at the Inspire Theatre.


The very lovely and extremely talented Kristen Hertzenberg stops by to chat about her childhood ambition for singing Opera, dropping that dream for musical theater, and taking “Acting for Opera Singers” as an actual class, for real, in college. Matt and Kristen reveal the secret world of “8 count” parties. Paul invents Karoa-opera, and explores a world where we we outlaw pasta. Matt and Kristen debate the plot and morality of The Phantom of the Opera. Is the Phantom a date rapist? Can there be theater in Florida without the crinkling of wrappers? Why is Matt the only person who knows why all three in the studio played Right Field as baseball players in school? Scoop Mail: SactoMonkey calls out Paul for baseball “rehearsal”. Jeff takes sports breaks at work. Kevin's bad job was as a soldier, where in remote areas, stirring flaming drums of burning poop. He also asks Paul about David Goyer's She Hulk comments. Sine in Denmark doubles down on asking vague questions. Jock Vs. Nerd: Clippers New Ballm'ing Owner Vs. 12 Years a Star Wars cast member.

Other Topics[]

  • Incredibly “theater gay” parties and Matt's near perfect comedy formula involving dance
  • Musical theater people being better than opera people and the real cause of Pavarotti's death
  • Pasta as a gateway drug
  • Kristen's first audition and the importance of specificity in art
  • Stories of auditions past and Matt's issues with the Phantom

Scoop Mail[]

  • SactoMonkey doesn't remember dress rehearsals when playing little league baseball
  • Jeff aka Sporty Scoop writes in to tell how ICS is the perfect representation of his interests
  • Kevin writes in with a literal shitty job story (with a very long parenthetical), asks about some She Hulk controversy, and delivered with some links to Battle Cat strap on dildos in response to Episode 3
  • Sine follows through with Matt and Paul's advice and asks more vague questions

Jock vs. Nerd[]

  • Who bought the Clippers and what was his role at his last job?
    • Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft
  • Star Wars recently announced which actress as one of the first members of the cast and what was her last project?
    • Lupita Nyong'o from 12 Years A Slave



  • Kristen Hertzenberg
  • Pasta addicts by Matt and Paul
  • Opera singing pasta addict by Paul
  • “Acting for Opera Students” teacher by Paul
  • “Acting for Opera Students” student by Matt
  • Patrons of a giant robot musical by Matt and Paul
  • Old Boca Raton theater patrons by Matt and Paul
  • One man band by Paul
  • Bob Dylan in disguise by Paul
  • Pillow Talk drill sergeant by Matt and Paul
  • Russian scientist by Paul

Food Mentions[]

  • Pasta
  • Candy


Kristen is the second guest of the show who is originally from Texas.