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Italian Air Show and Ear Molly
Episode 4
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Air date March 25, 2014
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Episode 003: The Rock n Roll Church of the Sacred Lamp Episode 005: To Catch a Hooker. (And get back your watch).

This episode was recorded in Vintage Nudes Studio at the Slammer with Ready Rich running the audio.


Matt & Mattingly engage in Atheist Bingo. Why on earth is Paul into Veronica Mars, is Harrison Ford a weed hoover vacuum, and how do Matt & Mattingly handle getting pulled over by a cop? Jock Vs. Nerd: Why is anyone hiring Micheal Vick and Jem's truly outrageous movie.

Other Topics[]

  • Harrison Ford is a money vacuum riding the cani-bus
  • Describing potentially awesome moments or events that end in a horrible disaster as Italian Air Shows.
  • Paul uses his nerd knowledge to get out of tickets, Matt uses not the not being an asshole tactic (and possibly a sweet sloppy blow job)
  • Louisville record store Ear Ecstasy gave out bumper stickers that college kids would use to make bumper statements (Paul made "pretty hate machine" for his first car named Baby)
  • Matt and Paul try to get the podcast labeled as "ear molly"

Jock vs. Nerd[]

  • Who did the Jets recently sign to play quarterback?
    • Michael Vick
  • What beloved 1980s cartoon franchise is getting made into a movie
    • Jem and the Holograms


  • Harry Plinkett by Paul
  • Fox announcer by Matt and Paul
  • Cypress Hill by Matt and Paul
  • Violent traffic cop by Paul
  • Bear cops by Matt and Paul
  • Officer Paul Lynde by Paul
  • Chicken Sarah McLachlan by Paul

Food Mentions[]

  • Cake


  • First mention of Matt and Paul's twitter accounts
  • This episode was supposed to have theme music, but was cut by Ready Rich to prevent a lawsuit