Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Wikia

Art by Slakingfool.

Original Air date: December 27th, 2021

Caption: Matt is denied an abortion. Paul is dialed into the blanket making craze. Scoop mail and Jock Vs Nerd. Plus, Matt's cats.

Running time: 1:34

Recording location: The Churn Version 7 and Paul's Playhouse


Jacob reads the names of the Ice Cream Truck Drivers over the sweathouse theme.

Matt indicates that this is a banked episode by reminding Paul of the release date.

Matt announces that his brother Quinten Donnelly is in the studio. They talk about how he used to go by "Q" until the conspiracy theory people started. Matt tells a story about his French step-mother being angry about naming the children and using a French Book of name.

The hosts talk about how Thanksgiving has bad decorations. Matt proposes having a gravy fountain in the morning to decorate for Thanksgiving. They give a use case for a gravy fountain.

Paul describes the "old blanket trick" where a blanket is created by tying pieces of fabric together to make a blanket. Matt proposes putting jello in between the layers. Paul counters with filling it with small stuffed animals. Jacob proposes breast implants which Paul names the blanked "mothered and smothered."

A Fake Commercial for Kentucky Family Incense Company.

Matt tells a story about one of Matt's Cats attacking Sarah's feet below the blanket. The hosts have a conversation about dogs feeling shame that cats don't.

Matt talks about having a dream so vivid that he felt he was rolling when he woke up and slammed his head on the wall. Jacob tells a story about a vivid dream from his childhood where he thought he had a toy when he didn't'. Matt shares a recent dream where he was getting negative feedback about an episode that was recorded but not aired; Jacob plays the Vegas Parking and Weather jingle.

Matt talks about being asked to do Tarot readings as a magician. Paul talks about getting Tarot cards that are in the style of Garbage Pail Kids.

A Fake Commercial for Ketchup-flavored Coffee Shoes.

Paul talks about hearing fireworks and other strange noises in the vicinity of his house. Jacob tells a similar story with a neighbor that found a large, spare firework.


  • The Micro Scoop sends in a story about a drunk driver that was being tested in their lab. He also tells a story about an overnight drop-off of a semen analysis.
  • Who Dat Scoop sends in a Blowjob story that involved a lot of vomit and a Disney Cruise.
  • Hubba Bubba Scoop sends in an Am I the Asshole? story where he joked about an important piece of medical equipment.
  • Wayne Giovaneesse sends in a Shitty Job Story: Interview edition about mocking resumes at video game stores.
  • FroYo'g Softserve sends in a Horrible Road Trips story about driving with his band to big gig.

Jock vs. Nerd[]

The hunt for balls theme is played. Scoop John B sends in a Scoopardy related to diapers.

Characters and Bits[]

  • #HashtagNoabortionforyouMattDonnelly. Wire hanger Jacob Smith.
  • A wobbly slice of gravy
  • Messy Tessy and Snotty Lottie
  • Marie Kando half of this Federal Munitions base
  • Draw me like your Henri Kondo
  • Moan On Her, Peter Hands, The Lion Kink, A lad in my butthole, the little sperm aid, pinoochio, Snow white from bukkake, Poke a Hauntus, The Emporer's Several Grooves are Penetrated.
  • Last Xmas, except it's about someone on Hospice at xmas.
  • American comedians telling Australian jokes.
  • Cuddle Bear as Q's new Starbuck's nickname.
  • Diapers in the News - to the tune of Riders on the Storm.