Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Wikia

Art by Slakingfool.

Original Air date: December 23rd, 2021

Caption: Will Matt make the same decision as Bruce Springsteen when it comes to selling his catalog? Many guest stop by including Mario and Luigi to discuss their edited footage from The Alarmist Podcast. Scoopmail and Jock Vs. Nerd Trivia.

Running time: 1:41

Recording location: The Churn version 7 and Paul's Playhouse


Jacob reads the Ice Cream Truck Drivers over the Sweathouse theme.

Paul does a Bruce Springsteen cover of Santa Claus is Coming to Town but it's about being friends with Barak Obama.

Matt informs us that this recording is being done in the hangover time after Jacob's birthday party. The hosts continue riffing on Bruce and his recent sale of his catalog.

The holiday guest impression: The Ghost of FDR searching for his Cane from Matt

The hosts talk about watching a documentary on Woodstock 99 and how horrible it was.

A Fake Commercial for Lucky Bob's Poker Chip Cleaner. Lucky Bob sings a parody of "Baby it's Cold Outside."

The holiday guest impression: The Mind Noodler's apprentice. Paul does this impression in a Mickey Mouse voice.

Holiday guest impression: Unimprisioned Bill Cosby.

Holiday guest impression: Mario and Luigi discuss the Italian Air Show origin story. This bit was teased on episode 788: Edible Underscore as being cut from The Alarmist podcast.

Matt gives a summary of how many Apprentice requests he got on his gigs at the Magic Castle, Indiana, and Chicago.

A Fake Commercial for Grandpa Joe's Oompa Loompa Rights Law Firm.

The hosts talk about

Holiday guest impression: Occupado the Gorilla that Paul doesn't remember what it sounds like.

Jacob talks about SJ getting him a stand-up scooter for him to commute from the car to work. Matt talks about shopping for electric unicycles.

Holiday guest impression: Frozen Trunkers.

Paul reports on a state-wide Pennsylvania infestation of sewer/fruit flies.

Holiday guest impression: Abusive Bing Crosby stops by at the end of the podcast.


  • The Elsesser send in Physical Scoopmail of a card and some ornaments.
  • Mama Ninja Scoop sends in a Physical Scoopmail of their holiday card.
  • Maple Raisin Scoop sends in a Physical Scoopmail of their holiday card with a Deez Nut.
  • Scoopernova Girl sends packages to the Churn and to Paul's Playhouse so that they can open it together. It's a re-noodler prank box, the hide-a-poo system (hollow rocks) prank box, and calf mules pocket socks prank box. There were real gifts to go along with this.
  • Cone Photorescoopter sends in a Horrible Road Trip story about driving from Sweden to Damascus.

Jock vs. Nerd[]

The explosion theme is played. Cone Photorescoopter sends in a Scoopardy.

Characters and Bits[]

  • Werther's Original commercial set to the Bruce song Reno
  • "I would have no psychological damage from cutting off my genitals." - Matt
  • Pineapple Express - a robot penis that retracts back into a robot vagina
  • FDR - stands for Fat Dick Reaming
  • Broadway Musical Festivals where they start getting violent
  • Draculin - a song about anti-coagulants to the tune of Dragula.