Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Wikia

Art by Slakingfool

Original Air date: November 22nd, 2021

Caption: To NFT or not to NFT. That is the question. We get our first "I'm defintely the asshole" scoop mail. Matt gears up to vaccinate his kids. The boys redefine the approach to naming stadiums. Plus, Jock Vs. Nerd Trivia.

Running time: 1:45

Recording location: The Churn version 7 and Paul's Playhouse


Jacob reads the names of the Ice Cream Truck drivers over the song Long Distance.

The hosts talk about the name change on the Staples Center to the arena. Paul says his brother has had some ideas about creating NFT's for the podcast. Matt points out that of all the things that people offer to throw money at for the pod, the listeners have never called for NFT's. The Production Meeting jingle is played for this discussion.

Paul proposes naming more stadiums after beloved characters or esoteric concepts. Their suggestions include;

  • Maples Staples Arena
  • Krypto Arena (Superman's dog)
  • Have More Sex arena
  • Fuck More Arena
  • Buckley Fuchmore's Arena
  • Buckley Fuchmore's Spit and a Wish Arena
  • Buckly Fuchmore's Curling Arena & Cafe (episode title reference)
  • Buckley Fuchmore's Spit and a Wish Curling Arena & Fender Polishing Establishment.

Buckley Fuchmore is propsed as an NFT before the bit is even fleshed out.

Matt talks about performing his Maryland shows. The crowd at his second show busted his balls when he asked for crowd participation.

Paul gives a report on taking his dogs to the new vet. Anne got a new job as an assassin.

A Fake Commercial for Dirt Breath's Organic Mouthwash.

Matt talks about taking his kids to get vaccinated.

The hosts talk about the security protocols in place for Chuck E. Cheese. Jacob has Matt's kids in his trunk with Trunkers and a Trunk Pizza.

A Fake Commercial Gregorious "Gregory" Griffin's Gardening Gadzookeries. Blake Griffin's gardening brother.

Matt talks about the documentary that Penny Lane directed about "Hail Satan" and an upcoming documentary about "Kenny G."

The hosts talk to guests Michael and Laurie Eltzroth about their visits to Opium and Super Freako dining establishment.

Paul talks about getting into patterns around his new house and how pajama pants may not be sufficient. Paul talks about his love of Emiliano's Mexican restaurant and ordering an Old School Chimichanga.

Paul gives a Pittsburg Parking and Weather update and the jingle is played.


  • Brogan sends in a physical scoopmail gifts.
  • Scoop DeVille talks bout some post-death plans of being turned into a diamond and being placed in a Prince Albert.
  • Chris the Gasman Scoop writes in with a Tinder story about having coffee with a person with a disability.

Jock vs. Nerd[]

The hunt for balls theme is played. The Giraffrican American sends in a Scoopardy.

Characters and Bits[]

  • Esse's Beignet's - French influence Spanish-run restaurant.
  • Buckley Fuckwell is quality over quantity.
  • Foot Teeth
  • Ford Double Glory Hole - Fucked or Rimmed Deeply
  • Visiting the Erotic History museum and getting around the photography ban by sketching everything.
  • Skeet Sketches - Skeetches
  • Drive the Lane - the Beatles song parody of Penny Lane
  • You get a coffee much faster if you don't get dressed first
  • Matt refers to the Trumpian Election protest as "Steal the Stop."
  • Basic Bitch Changa
  • Dessert is my Cum
  • Michael Goudeau has great tits.
  • Referring to an Irish penis as a shillelagh
  • Leggs Benedict