Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Wikia

Art by slakingfool.

Original Air date: November 8th, 2021

Caption: Paul deals with a death in his family, Matt deals with a car break in, and Jacob went to a concert. Basically the same week for everyone. Time for the Party Wagon! Scoop mail. Jock Vs. Nerd.

Running time: 1:40

Recording location: The Churn version 7 and Paul's Playhouse


Paul uses the word ebullient in the intro to describe Matt. Matt uses the word effusive to describe Jacob. SJ is in the studio and is driving the Party Wagon (Episode title reference).

Paul shares the news that his father-in-law (Anne's father) passed away since the last recording. Paul talks about getting cemetery plots which preempts his plan for throcean.

Jacob gives his plans to make his ashes into lego and then to make a statue of him with those lego pieces.

The hosts talk about watching White Lotus.

A Fake Commercial for Matt's Poetry from His Youth.

Matt talks about how Sarah's car was burglarized in the 20 minutes it took to drop their kids off.

The hosts talk about Daylight savings time.

Jacob points out that Paul is wearing a Pokemon blanket. Paul talks about his blanket culling process. He is wearing the blanket because the gas has not yet been turned back on at his house. Paul talks about his sudden transition from a desert person to a normal weather person.

A Fake Commercial for Eugene Fartfield's Cauliflower Brandy

The hosts talk about the Aaron Rodgers anti-vax saga and the trouble with having a bias and being intelligent. Matt name-drops Johnathan Rauch's Constitution of Knowledge.

Paul announces that he has bursitis and was given a treatment that made a huge difference for his mobility.


  • Scoopnonymous asks for advice on a hard-working temp that believes that COVID-19 tests cause brain tumors.
  • H.R. Scoopinstuff tells a story about a driver at their work that flipped a truck and turned themselves into a rehab center.

Jock vs. Nerd[]

The explosion theme is played. St. John Scoop sends in a Scoopardy.

Characters and Bits[]

  • Anne is the man of the family.
  • Paul brought 15 cheeseburgers to a house.
  • Slick Rick the pirate
  • Paul - "My mind was racing a mile an hour."
  • Erotic Cake Delivery Truck
  • Paul summarizes mask science as troglodyte learning about how going in a cave keeps out the weather.
  • Selling the Sexual Favors of Nuns - an early Creed song.