Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Wikia

Art by Slakingfool

Original Air date: October 25th, 2021

Caption: Matt might spend some time in Istanbul. Plus, he gets surprised at his latest magic show. Scoop Mail and Jock Vs. Nerd.

Running time: 1:46

Recording location: The Churn version 7 and Paul's Playhouse.


Paul teases that he almost died the night before. He goes on to talk about how there were tornados near him and Target was damaged. Matt asks how close Paul was to his Apocalypse Requirements for Survival. The hosts talk about the quality and availability of burgers in Las Vegas.

The hosts talk about Bloody Mary's. Matt gives the Tierney's way. Jacob's secret is lots of vodka.

A Fake Commercial for Farmer Judd's Old-timey Bukkake squeezings.

Matt gives a report from his recent magic show where a person in the crowd took him through a bar bet demo. The person used a monocle to magnify some of the reading and Matt went off on him.

Jacob talked about staying home sick and thinking that he got COVID. He did not have COVID. The hosts talk about getting scheduled for the boosters and comparisons between brands.

A Fake Commercial for a 12-Video Tape box set of Paul Mattingly's guide to beating a dead horse. The excerpt is the Banana Poop song, which is an excerpt from the Waitress (837 reference).

Matt talks about asking for advise around getting hair plugs and part of that includes doing some medical hair tourism in Istanbul. The other advice he got was that the head shavers regret not shaving their head sooner. Paul believes that Matt should go "full Rogan" and shave his head. Matt tells the story of Joe Buck not having his vocal chords wake up properly after going under for some hair transplants. Paul suggests the visor with the Guy Fieri top.

The hosts talk about the roominess of Matt's new overalls. They are the same pattern as the Penn & Teller suits. Matt talks about coloring his beard followed by a jingle for Middle Aged White Guy Talk.

The hosts talk about watching the Britney Spears documentary, Foundations, Raised by Wolves, and The Way Down.


  • Stab and Dash scoop sends in a story about using Jack Sprat as an analogy for counseling clients with two cats where one is bogarting the food 831.
  • Scoopercharger sends in a choice for the podcast to continue getting money from patreon or be listed as a beneficiary on Keith's life insurance policy.

Jock vs. Nerd[]

The explosion theme is played. Cuillère à Glace sends in a Scoopardy.

Characters and Bits[]

  • Jacob claims that Horsey Sauce is better than Arby's sauce
  • Gallant Knight of Spicy Intake
  • "Don't sit under the Bukkake tree with anyone else but me."
  • Panoculars as opposed to a binocular or a monocular.