Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Wikia
Matt and Mattingly's Ice Cream Social Wikia

Original Air date: May 13th, 2020

Caption: Matt's wife interrupts his man tear time...

Running time: 1:55

Recording location: The Churn version 7


Stacy's going to prom with a black guy. The hosts talk about how interracial dating used to be a big deal.

Matt talks about watching The Last Dance. Paul does an impersonation of Shaq.

The hosts talk about the things that they think that their spouses have come to dislike about them during quarantine.

Paul talks about getting curbside shopping substitutions. He ordered a steak and got lamb instead.

Paul is attempting to go "no added sugar" but failed on the first day with some cereal. Matt talks about being done with eating after going to bed.

The Phase 1 reopening of Vegas is discussed including the opening of barber shops. Matt is getting a fancy haircut. Jacob has been offered a haircut by SJ's sylist.

A Fake Commercial for Well, well, well candles.

Jacob mistakes Marie Kondo as being Chinese (she's Japanese). Paul reports that Anne has been watching a lot of hoarders. He makes the case that he is not a hoarder.

Paul starts talking about toys in a high-pitched voice. This makes it much more listenable.

Jacob tells a story about once going to the property of a dead relative that was a hoarder that had 12 out buildings.

a Fake Commercial for 1-800-JUNK sex hotline.

Matt tells a story about selling his old dining room table and delivering it to a shady part of Vegas. The person that bought it had an account with no picture and an account of "Dat1Scrubb." (episode title reference)


  • LX Scoop sends in a message about the theater industry in NYC having a long-term shut down.
  • Max the Ginger Scoop talks about putting hot sauce and cheese on an oreo.

Jock vs. Nerd[]

The explosion theme is played. WindwalkerScoop23 sends in a Scoopardy.

Characters and Bits[]

  • Paul doesn't like quinoa
  • Matt's Freshman/only year of college
  • 1-800-GOT-JUNK but a sex hotline in the 90's.
  • Small red bugs that might be a spider, chiggers
  • A Mouthful of dumpster juice
  • Paul talks cryptically about losing an opportunity right before the quarantine.
  • Imagine turning people away for an improv show.
  • Pegging Sue to the tune of Runaroudn Sue